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Curling Drinks, Breaking Glass, Mews & Imploding Bubbles: TIL365 – Week 5




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Ketchup, Pet Rocks, Smaug & F.R.I.E.N.D.S: TIL365 – Week 4

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Cocunuts, Diamonds, Pain & Pregnancy tests for Cancer – TIL365: Week 3




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Kamli (Dhoom 3) – Lyrics Translation - Dhoom 3 images – Dhoom 3 images (Photo credit:

Kamli has to be my favourite song from the Dhoom 3 soundtrack. The word Kamli, is a Punjabi word for ‘Crazy’ (or Mad). What I truly love about this song is how Amitabh Bhattacharya has used different forms of water to describe the mood and passion of the subject.

Movie: Dhoom 3

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Music: Pritam

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Main ruthiya yaar manavangi

Har chilman phoonk jalavangi

Jad patthar Ranjha pighlega

(Tad main Kamli kehlavangi) x2

I’ll cajole my angry beloved,

I’ll blow fire on the veil between us,

When the stone hearted beloved melts,

I’ll be called Crazy…

Mere mahiya sanam jaanam

Kive kareyaan… Nami daanam,

Shab guzri te jag soya,

Ni main jageya, Nami daanam…

O my beloved,

What did you do(to me)… I don’t know,

The Night is passing and the world sleeps,

But I am awake, I don’t know (why)

Ni main kamli, kamli,

Mere yaar di…

I am Crazy, Mad,

For my beloved…

Jheel dil ko kar gaya tu,

Dariya dariya mere yaara.

Ankhiyaan de mohalle mein,

Har shaam tera aalam

You turned my heart,(which was like) a lake,

To a (flowing) river, my beloved.

In the vicinity of my eyes,

Every evening, is your celebration…

Shab guzri te jag soya,

Ni main jagiya, Nami danam.

The Night is passing and the world sleeps,

But I am awake, I don’t know (why)

Mere mahiya sanam jaanam

Kive kareyaan… Nami daanam,

Shab guzri te jag soya,

Ni main jageya, Nami daanam…

O my beloved,

What did you do(to me)… I don’t know,

The Night is passing and the world sleeps,

But I am awake, I don’t know (why)

Main toh pehan ke saafa kesariya,

Jugni jogan ban jaaun.

Surme de kaale jaadu se,

keh de to jog bhulaoon

I’ll wear the saffron clothes,

And become a monk.

With the black magic of eye-kohl,

Tell me and I will give up my monkhood.

Main tan seher di thandi shabnam haan,

Gulshan ka itar churaaun.

Rukh badloon to sailaab hoon main,

Parbat bhi cheer dikhaaoon….

My body is the cool dew of the morning,

I steal the perfume from the gardens.

If I change my way, I become the flood,

And can rip apart mountains…

Bekhudi mein tu khudi ka, Zariya zariya mere yaara.

Jhaalar main sitaro ka, Chand warga tu yaaram.

Under intoxication, you are my senses, O beloved,

I am a garland of stars, you’re like the moon, O beloved.

Shab guzri te jag soya

Ni main jagiya nami danam

The Night is passing and the world sleeps,

But I am awake, I don’t know (why)


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Operation 2014

Fresh from my success with Project 365, I decided to dream bigger in 2014. Here are task list for 2014:

Project TIL365: This is similar to Project 365. I will be posting 1 new fact I learned each day of the year. This will get me the motivation to learn more things and will give me the opportunity to share what I learn with you all. The posts will be made everyday on Twitter( and cross-posted weekly on this blog.

12 Book Project: Considering my new extra long commute, I thought this will be a good project. I will be reading 1 book a month this year. I will mostly read it on commute and these will all be books I already own but havent read.

52 Movie Project: 1 Classic movie a week. I have a huge list of classic movies that I have never gotten around to watching :P Will talk/post about the movies on facebook or twitter or this blog.

12 Special Projects: I was planning to do 1 project a month for a year. These projects will mostly be to learn some new skill. This will mostly be a private project and mostly involve me learning some mundane non-important skill (mostly coz I think it will be cool) :P

It looks like I might have bitten off more than I can chew, but after seeing through Project 365, I am pretty confident of doing justice to 2014 :)

See you along the way :)

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2013 was a very special year for me. It was a year of sticking to my resolve and taking some big leaps of faith. Most times I came off better for making tough choices but sometimes I had to settle for the lessons that came with bitter failure…

Before I plunge into looking back at 2013, I would like to repeat these words I wrote looking back at 2012. They seem to be very appropriate for all these year end life reports :P

How do you quantify a year? What made a set of 365 (or 366) consecutive days better than the previous set? Was it making more money? Was it increasing your count of material possessions? Was it traveling more? Was it being entertained more? Was it more drinks/dinners with friends/family? Was it finding/losing someone you care about?

I choose my benchmarks on what I put an effort on during the year, on the times I let the wave of events around me carry me, on when I resisted what I believed to be wrong and when I found something beautiful when I least expected to.

Let me start off with the one project that was with me right through the year: Project 365. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you might be closely acquainted with this project of mine. It involved taking a picture for each day of the year… Most people use this project to improve their photography or stay more connected to the world but for me this was more like a picture diary of my year. Looking back at those picture I can tell you in detail where I was, what I was doing, Who I was with, why I took that picture and what happened before and after that picture, If it was a special day, I could probably even tell you why it was so special :)

So, in the end, my year end review actually came down to me looking through those pictures and remembering the year…

This year I did things that I always dreamed of doing but never really had the courage to take the chance with. I was put under unexpected circumstances and even though it took a lot out of me to get things right, I persisted and that helped me in a long way.

Work: for the first time in my life I took a major break between jobs. After working for 8 consecutive years it seemed like a good idea and looking back it was a perfect call. My only regret, maybe I should have taken a longer break :P I now travel longer than I ever did for work but it provides me some interesting opportunities to catch up on some long forgotten hobbies. I read more often now and catch up on stuff that I usually don’t have the time for.

Photography: 2013 was a great year for photography for me :) While Project 365 was not intended to be artistically special, there were some moments that I really enjoyed the kind of photographs I took. Also this was the year a lot of my photographs made it to the papers and a few to some popular magazines (Elle :) ), the main reason was that I got an opportunity to cover the Prasad Bidappa Fashion Week (which was super fun btw). I also took some lovely photos at the weddings of my friends… all in all a very ‘photogenic’ year :)

Writing/Directing/Hobbies: Directed my first scene for camera in 2013 :) I had to step in for the director who was acting in the scene, but it was an awesome experience. Wrote my first tv episode, which will be hopefully shot in 2014 :) Worked behind the scenes on a shoot and loved ever moment of it, hopefully there will be more such opportunities in the coming year. Directed two plays during the past year, ‘The Asimov Connection’ in feb was an experiment in science fiction story telling. My second play was the ‘Big Bang Theory’ on stage. Fortunately I was blessed with an incredible cast both the times I absolutely loved the whole experience :)

Travel: This year was again a bit disappointing for traveling, did a couple of trips but missed out on a lot of amazing opportunities. Hopefully next year I will be more out-going :P I think its about time I take that leap into traveling alone :D

Exercise: Last year was one of the best years wrt exercise, for most of the year I regularly worked out at the gym (twice a week atleast, 4 times/week most weeks). My overall fitness improved pretty well over the year. I didnt run any (10k) runs during the year, maybe I will do one in 2014, but frankly if I go to the gym regularly it will be a great year :)

That pretty much sums up my 2013. The year had its highs and lows, and along the way I learnt an awful lot about myself… An year I probably wouldn’t mind re-living again :)

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Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2) – Translation



When I first heard that they were making ‘Aashiqui 2‘, I was very skeptical; not about the story or direction but about the music. Aashiqui had without a doubt, some of the best songs from Bollywood in that era. It was only when I heard this song, I realized that maybe I was underestimating the talent that has slowly grown to maturity in last few years.

While I didn’t really think ‘Aashiqui 2′ was a great film, I will find it very hard to deny that the music didnt move me. Ironically this isnt my favorite song in the movie, but it is easily the most popular one. Here is my translation of this beautiful song:

Song: Tum Hi Ho

Movie: Aashiqui 2

Music: Mithoon

Singer: Arijit Singh

Hum tere bin ab reh nahin sakte

Tere bina kyaa wajood mera

I can’t survive without you now,

Without you, what identity do I have…

Tujh se judaa gar ho jaayenge

To khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

If I get separated from you,

I’ll be separated from myself..

Kyonki, tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi, ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Because, you are the one…

Now, you are the one…

My life, You are the one…

My peace, my pain,

My love, you are the one…

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa,

Ik pal door gawaaraa nahi.

Tere liye har roz hain jeete,

Tujh ko diyaa mera waqt sabhi.

Koi lamhaa mera, naa ho tere bina,

Har saans pe naam tera.

What is this relationship between you and me,

Even a moment of separation is unacceptable.

For you, I live each day,

To you, I give all my time.

There shouldn’t be a moment of mine without you,

(My) Every breath has your name…

Tere liye hi jiyaa main,

Khud ko jo yoon de diya hai

Teri wafaa ne mujh ko sambhaala

Saare ghamon ko dil se nikaala

Tere saath mera hai naseeb judaa

Tujhe paa ke adhoora naa raha

Only for you, I lived

I have given myself (to you)

My faith in you, took care of me

Took away all the sorrows from (my) heart

With you, my destiny is attached,

Finding you, I am no longer incomplete.

Kyonki, tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi, ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Because, you are the one…

Now, you are the one…

My life, You are the one…

My peace, my pain,

My love, you are the one…

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Cover of "Pirates of Silicon Valley"

Cover of Pirates of Silicon Valley

I watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” again. Last time I watched it was 7 years ago(before the iPhone existed!), I wrote a short review of the movie back then.

The years have changed the way I look at these two legends of the IT industry. Their choices and work has had a fair bias over my opinions about them, and in the case of Steve Jobs, death has added a fair amount of bias too. But what I realize is that in this time I too have changed significantly, my understanding of art, creation, business and what it takes to be a leader has morphed and have been given a bit of reality check.

While its indisputable what effect their choices have had on the world, its still highly arguable about the ethical ramifications of making those choices. For most of my younger programming years I have looked at Bill Gates as the bad guy trying hard to make as much money (as sneakily) as possible and Steve Jobs was this hero that believed in quality and beauty with a passion.

More recently the roles have swapped, Bill Gates is now an amazing philanthropist who has dedicated his life (and life earnings) to helping other humans and Apple is this big corporation that now even has your fingerprints, not to mention fueling this trend of waste, whose ramifications will only be evident in the decades to come.

Its hard to imagine what I will be feeling about these two when I watch the movie again (maybe again after 7 years)

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Falling off the (Band) wagon

Svenska: TV-mottagare i en elektonik-kedja

Svenska: TV-mottagare i en elektonik-kedja (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I was home alone for a few days as my folks traveled to sandy beaches for a quick vacation. The timing of the vacation and its length made me opt out of it but it did give me an interesting situation to ponder over.

I dont watch tv. I haven’t sat in front of the telly switching channels looking for something to watch, in almost 4 years now. I do have a sexy 51″ HDTV at home but I usually switch it on to catch live sporting events or movies (or to watch “The World From Above” on Discovery from time to time, that show is awesome!)

When I do end up with a remote in my hand, my usage of the telly usually follows the following pattern: Switch on Tv -> Browse thru all the HD channels for: Live Sporting events/Movies/Anything that would be super cool to watch in HD -> Switch off tv.

That usually takes about a few minutes.

My parents watch the tv more often, not surprising considering its their main source of news & information. I prefer to get my news online (twitter actually :P )

Last weekend, being at home (nursing an irritating viral fever) I had all the time in the world to rediscover the world of TV. I ended up watching a “Big Bang Theory” marathon and later my first full film on cable in years, Kung Fu Panda. During the weekend I watched parts of Independence day and a bunch of other movies.

The one thing that hit me was that the tv viewing experience has changed quite a bit in the last few years. The ad breaks are shorter and timed, there are loads of in-program ads and most importantly, the quality of telecast is simply superb. Another off hand realization was that tv can and will literally suck your free time into a black hole. That was something I knew from a long time but what I learnt was that its potency has only grown over the years.

Despite the attractive changes, I doubt I will be spending a lot of my time watching programs on the telly. The variety, availability and control over using a computer as an entertainment system out trumps anything the idiot box has to offer currently. Yet I see the reason why big corporations are spending a lot of money trying to ‘solve’ the TV viewing experience.

All in all a weekend well spent :P